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Is Your Tax Preparer legal?
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Is your tax preparer legal?
How to Choose a Tax Preparer
     The CTEC has produced new public service announcements to educate consumers about CRTPs and how to verify it a tax preparer is legal.
     Why is it important  for you to know if your preparer is legal?  Preparer who did not register with the CTEC (except Attorney, CPA, or EA) means they did not follow the IRS and CTEC regulations.  As a result, unregistered preparer CANNOT charge you for preparing your taxes.
     If a tax preparer cannot be verified as either an Attorney, CAP, CRTP, or EA, you should fill out a "Non complaint Complaint Form" at
     You can verify by checking their information in CTEC.Org.  For easy access, click on the link below
Loubna Saleh-CRTP RTRP (A175559)
California Registered Tax Preparer 
Owner of Al-Amana Services 
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